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Artizan 28mm Late War Germans (Winter) characters

Artizan 28mm Late War Germans (Winter) characters

 $15.00  $11.95 
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News Desk
Restock Order Going In!! - Friday 12 December, 2014

I am in the process of compiling a fresh restock (an almost weekly occurence at the moment). With the lead up to Xmas it is a great time to take advantage of 20% off across Artizan, WarLord Games, Saga, Gripping Beast Plastics, FireForge Games Plastics, Bolt Action, Rendra Bases, Plastic Soldier Company, Rubicon Tanks and many other ranges. Simply send me a request of what you are after and you can always check out the complete order sheet here:

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Store move to Brisbane - Tuesday 09 December, 2014

Some may be aware that I am moving back to Brisbane from Canberra. So this obviously includes WarTime Miniatures.

With the pack well under way I am packing up the shop for the move.

This may mean some delays in shipping orders and casting out new miniatures.

I still have access to most of the ranges, but pieces here and there may be unavailable until I get to Brisbane.

You can still order as per normal, but be aware that there may be a delay in some cases and I will advise when this is the case.

As always any questions please contact me.



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AGN 28mm T-35
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AGN 28mm T-28
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AGN 28mm KV2