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Artizan 28mm Fallschirmjager MP44

Artizan 28mm Fallschirmjager MP44

 $15.00  $11.95 
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News Desk
New WarTime Miniatures Order Sheet - Tuesday 18 November, 2014


I have compiled an order sheet with most of the 28mm ranges and miniatures available through WarTime Miniatures (does not include 20mm S-Models, Blitz or Britannia). The vast majority are not listed on the website, so will be ordered in, but everything is available at 20% off the listed RRP (21.5% for PSC). Ranges include WarLord Games Ancients through to WWII, Crusader Miniatures Ancients, Artizan, Gripping Beast, PSC, Woodbine, Saga and others along with books and terrain. 

I will be ordering again later this week so please take a look and email:

Just copy the below link into your address bar:



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28mm Update - Sunday 05 October, 2014

Hey All

Thanks to those who made a visit to WarTime Miniatures during MOAB. In particular thanks to those who picked up some packs of the Australians. I spoke with the sculptor this morning and he was wrapped about the positive feedback the figures have received.

So it was great today to commission the rest of the range which will be: Vickers MMG + Crew, 2 Inch Mortar + 2 Crew, 3 Inch Mortar + 3 Crew, Sniper and FO team who I asked to be based around Coast Watchers. Finally I have also added a medical set of a Local Carrier assisting a wounded digger and a Medic along side.

As a final touch, I know a 25 Pdr was dragged up into the range to assist the Australians as they pushed the japs back from Kokoda. So I will also look to commission a 25 Pdr + Crew to finish it off.

Mathew Coombes


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New Products For November
$15.96Artizan 28mm MkIV 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun without Crew
Artizan 28mm MkIV 6 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun without Crew
A resin model of the MKIV 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun us…
$15.96Artizan 28mm MkII 6 Pounder AT Gun (no crew)
Artizan 28mm MkII 6 Pounder AT Gun (no crew)
A resin model of the MKII 6pdr Anti-Tank Gun us…
$41.60Artizan 28mm British 25 pdr and crew
Artizan 28mm British 25 pdr and crew
Metal kit of the British 25pdr Field Gun. Conta…