WarTime Miniatures "WarStarter" Pledges - PRODUCER OF FINE WHITE METAL MINIATURES

WarTime Miniatures will be launching a number of "WarStarter" Crowdfunding Campaigns to help make new ranges available.

Only one campaign will run at a time with a limited number of pledges available to help raise the funds needed.

Each pledge though can be spent on ANYTHING IN THE STORE. Thats right you can save the code to spend on the "WarStarter" project or spend it straight away on anything in the store. Each code will be valid for 12 months.

20mm Figures will be sculpted by Andrew Steven of Drews Militia/Battlefield/Blitz fame.

There are 4 pledge levels:

$50 Pledge = $55 Discount Code.

$75 Pledge = $85 Discount Code.

$100 Pledge = $115 Discount Code.

$150 Pledge = $180 Discount Code.

WarStarter Project 1: 20mm WWII Japanese

IJA01: 10 Figure Rifle Squad 1 including LMG Team.

IJA02: 10 Figure Rifle Squad 2 including LMG Team.

IJA03: 2 x 2 Figure Light Mortar Teams.

IJA04: 4 Figures with SMG's.

IJA05: 6 Figure HQ (Officer, NCO, Standard, Bugler, Medic).

IJA06: 5 Figure Upper HQ (Officer, Cavalry Officer, Kempeitai Officer, Forward Observer, Telephone Operator).

IJA07:Type 92 MMG + 3 Crew.

IJA08: Type 97 Medium Mortar + 3 Crew.

IJA09: 2 figure Sniper Team + 2 figure Flamethrower Team.

IJA10: 3 Tank Hunters with Lung Mines & Type97 ATR Team.

Funding Goals:

$500 = IJA01

$1000 = IJA02 & IJA03

$1500 = IJA04 & IJA05

$2000 = IJA06 & IJA07

$2500 = IJA08 & IJA09

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