Terms & Conditions

All products remain the property of WarTime Miniatures until paid for in full and shipped.

Products may contain lead and are not suitable for children.

Packet contents may vary slightly from displayed.

Every effort will be made to ensure you receive 1 of each casting displayed. On occasion supply or other issues may force some doubling up.

All WarTime Miniatures and products are owned and the Intellectual Property of WarTime Miniatures and Mathew Coombes (Owner). No authority is given to reproduce or copy without the express permission.

Any out of stock item will be removed from the Catalogue until restock is received. This is to ensure you are not waiting unduly for fresh stock and may delay your order.

WarTime Miniature is a part time business. Due to work and other committments, there may be some delays in shipping your order. Please check the front page (www.wartimeminiatures.com.au) for any updates regarding this.